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Ren —
Serendipity as a Service.

Technology has too often dehumanized and devalued interactions, rather than improved them.

Nobody likes getting automated, calendar-reminder- or template-inspired messages.

The reality is that building valuable relationships is not a numbers game. The most fruitful and meaningful interactions come from those unplanned and unprogrammed moments. When you connect with the right person, at the right time, in the right way. When you feel like you just got lucky.

But this kind of serendipity can’t be achieved through technology.

Can it?

At a time when human connection is more important than ever, it is time for Artificial Intelligence to drive real results.

Ren finds and curates actionable news and insights relevant to your contacts — inspiring meaningful, personal, and timely interactions that are proven to win deals.

We call it Serendipity as a Service.

And it works.

“One of the best AI use cases is to leverage AI to enhance the one thing that AI can't displace: human relationships. And in this age of information overload, there is nothing more valuable than tools that help us track the things most valuable to us: human relationships.”
Photo of Jeff Eggers
Jeff Eggers
Founding Partner, Risk and Return
Special Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs
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