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Photo of Jason Blonstein

Jason Blonstein

Managing Director at ECA Partners

Ren has been very effective at both meeting generation and relationship building - two key things for executive search

Photo of Mike Leonard

Mike Leonard

Client Partner, Healthcare, Klein Hersh International

I repurpose the information almost daily through posts and have seen my impressions rise to nearly 20,000 a week. I view Ren as a failsafe to ensure I don’t miss information on my candidates or clients.

Photo of Michael Colacino

Michael Colacino

President, Tri-State Brokerage, JLL

Keeping in contact with my contacts is something I always want to be better at, and Ren makes that much easier and more likely.

Photo of Randall Winn

Randall Winn

Managing Partner, 22C Capital • Founder, Capital IQ

Ren finds current news related to my entire network across email, phone, calendar, CRM, and social and identifies opportunities for me to reach out and connect with individuals in my complete ecosystem of relationships.

Photo of Eric Joseph

Eric Joseph

Partner, Heidrick & Struggles

I am blown away by the accuracy of how relevant the Ren alerts are to me. Rather than me having to search for news on people in my network, Ren does the work for me and allows me to be proactive and strategic.

Photo of Justin Smith

Justin Smith

Senior VP, SIOR - Lee & Associates

I look forward to reviewing Ren updates every morning. It provides me with real time information only in contacts that I’m tracking in my Salesforce CRM. As a result I’m more informed about my existing and prospective clients. Oftentimes a Ren update sparks action and makes it easy to reach out.

Photo of Sean P. Ward

Sean P. Ward

Executive Vice President at CBRE

Phenomenal tool. I opened Ren this morning, sent two emails, got two meetings set. One previous client, one new client.Time spent = three minutes. Unreal.

Photo of Jeff Eggers

Jeff Eggers

Founder, Risk & Return • Special Asst. to the President, National Security

Ren identifies those people within my network who are most relevant at any given time and curates updates that are timely and meaningful. Given the importance of relationships, the power of Ren as a time-saving tool to enhance the quality of relationships is incredibly valuable.

Photo of Eric Turner

Eric Turner

Managing Director and Principal Broker, JLL

I start my morning reading updates from Ren. Ren allows me to reach out to clients and prospects in relevant ways that would not have happened otherwise, which results in deeper connections and new business opportunities.

Photo of Hartley Schwartz

Hartley Schwartz

Head of Business Development, Kay Finance

Genius! Just booked a call with a lead that I have been trying to get back on a call for over 10 months using Ren!

Photo of Mike Metzger

Mike Metzger

EVP, Industrial Real Estate, JLL

Ren has swiftly become my indispensable daily companion, seamlessly navigating the labyrinth of information overload for my business. Its ability to distill relevant news and enable meaningful connections with clients is truly transformative. From the moment I started using Ren, I realized its immense value and wasted no time in introducing it to my entire regional team. With its timely updates and contextual touchpoints, Ren is unequivocally the premier solution for staying up-to-date and making impactful connections that bring tangible value to my prospects and clients. Highly recommended for those who strive to cut through the noise and make a lasting impression.

Photo of Kevin Black

Kevin Black

Partner, 22C Capital

I now use Ren as a primary source of professional news. It’s all relevant to people and companies I know, and most news I care about professionally involves companies and people I have some connection with.

Photo of Kelly Silverman

Kelly Silverman


Ren has become as ritualistic as morning coffee; it's my first daily read. It makes it easy to stay connected to such a vast network of contacts and celebrate others successes and milestones.

Photo of Drew Storr

Drew Storr

Managing Director at Coda Search

A response almost immediately! For context, this is a contact I have messaged many times with no response. Big win!

Photo of Joe Prendergast

Joe Prendergast

Account Manager, Bullpen

Ren has been a game-changer when it comes to understanding relevant news events impacting my prospects. Without Ren, I risk missing context on how to best approach outreach. For example, Ren recently alerted me of negative news impacting a key prospect which significantly changed my outreach approach. This unintended benefit prevented me from coming across as insensitive.

Photo of Peter Cecora

Peter Cecora

Senior Managing Director, JLL

I use Ren each morning to stay up to date on my clients and prospects. It’s very valuable to be able to go to one source for important events rather than having to go to multiple news sources.

Photo of Craig Cerretani

Craig Cerretani

Co-Founder, Longfellow Benefits

As a long time sales/marketing guy in financial services, I was a very early adopter of LinkedIn. LinkedIn has been most important to our growth at Longfellow Benefits and subsequent sale to Arthur J. Gallagher. As I’ve adopted Ren, I’ve come to realize it is an irreplaceable additive to LinkedIn. The data gleaned there is even more robust. Well done!

Photo of David Murphy

David Murphy

Executive Vice President at CBRE

Ren provides an efficient way to stay in front of prospects. A few clicks have generated several meetings and will lead to new business opportunities. Well worth it!