Meet the Team

Portrait of Canay Deniz

Canay Deniz

CEO and Co-founder
Portrait of Lionel Hertig

Lionel Hertig

CTO and Co-founder
Portrait of Dr. Felipe Antolinez

Dr. Felipe Antolinez

Head of AI
Portrait of Peter Pujals

Peter Pujals

Head of Sales
Portrait of Stephanie PicoStark

Stephanie PicoStark

Sr. Customer Success Manager
Portrait of Dr. Giorgio Nicoli

Dr. Giorgio Nicoli

Data Scientist
Portrait of Jan Giacomelli

Jan Giacomelli

Backend Lead
Portrait of Garrett Dickason

Garrett Dickason

Account Executive
Portrait of Diogo Ferreira Venancio

Diogo Ferreira Venancio

Frontend Engineer
Portrait of Patryk Mieszala

Patryk Mieszala

iOS Engineer

Our Values

Our founding principles guide how we work together and treat each other.

We respect everyone.

Everyone has a story. Everyone faces unique adversity. Everyone has a valuable perspective.

We leave our ego at the door.

Ego prevents genuine dialogue. Instead of trying to be right, we are curious and eager to find the best solution together.

We are honest.

Don’t lie – especially to yourself.

We share proactively.

Transparency builds trust. Have an idea/plan/concern? Write it down and share it with the team.

We are fast and systematic.

We communicate early and precisely. We define the challenge, our logic, and the solution. We iterate. Perfect is the enemy of done.

Never enough.

We celebrate our victories. We also know we can always do better. We always strive for more excellence in everything we do.